Byodoin Temple


Byodoin Temple

Byodoin temple is a World Cultural Heritage site located in the small but famous town of Uji about an hours drive from Kyoto. Uji is world-renowned for it’s teashops.  There is an endless array of teas and tea products such as tea flavored mochi and other sweets available in Uji.  Often, the highest quality of  tea that is used in prestigious world-class  tea ceremonies is purchased or ordered directly from here.


As a way of resolving conflicts that occurred centuries ago, two different sects of Buddhism have managed Byodoin Temple, for hundreds of years. Jodo-shu (Pure Land) and Tendai-shu both are





Uji is also the hometown of  noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu the first female author of Japan who in the llth century wrote the classic work of Japanese literature, “Tale of Genji”, a book that describes court intrigues during the historical period of the Heian era.